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R120 Austen 1'03 / 2014 / 16/9

Stop motion journey of the new irresistible, resistant handbag R120 AUSTEN, that stays irresistibly resistant even in the most adverse circumstances.

Director Claudia Röthlin & Yves Gutjahr
Technique Stop motion
Animation Claudia Röthlin & Yves Gutjahr
Art director Claudia Röthlin, Yves Gutjahr, David Keller
Script Claudia Röthlin, Yves Gutjahr, David Keller
idea/Conzept David Keller
Sounddesign & Mix BLUWI / Maurizio Bergmann Kolja Bustorf
Komposition BLUWI / Timo Blunck
Cast Laura, Anja, Larissa, Claudia, Maria
Producer Julie Varghaiyan, FREITAG