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Me and my monster / Puppetanimation / 3'20 / 2008 / 16:9


English Synopsis:
A little girl is terribly afraid of monsters. They are everywhere: in the cellar, out on the street and under her bed. They even look over her shoulder when she does her homework.

French Synopsis:
Une petite fille vit avec une peur terrible des monstres: il y en a dans la cave, dans la rue et jusque sous son lit. Et meme quand elle fait ses devoirs, ils lorgnent par-dessus son epaule.

Deutsche Synopsis:
Ein Maedchen lebt in Angst vor Monstern, sie sind im Keller, auf der Strasse und unter ihrem Bett. Sogar bei den Hausaufgaben schauen sie ihr ueber die Schulter.

- young jury prize, Les Nuits Magiques, Int. Animated F. F, FR
- 2nd Prize, 40th Roshd International Educational F. F. 2010, Iran

Festivals screenings of the film:
- Leeds Young Peoples Film Festival, Leeds, GB
- Animate the World, London, GB
- Castres Short Film Festival, France
- Animateka Int. Animated F.F., Liubliana
- DOK Leipzig, Germany
- Valladolid Intl Film Festival, Spain
- Carrousel int. du film de Rimouski, Kanada
- Fantastic Film Festival Lund, Sweden
- KinderFilmFest Muenster, Germany
- China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival, China
- Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Japan
- Sequence short Film Festival, Toulouse, France
- Shorts at Moonlight, Hofheim, Germany
- Cinematou, Geneve, Switzerland
- Fantoche, Baden, Switzerland
- DokuKids film-program, Prizren, Kosovo
- Filmfest Weiterstadt, Weiterstadt, Deutschland
- Brazilian Student Film Festival, Rio, Brazil
- ANONIMUL IFF, Bucharest, Romania
- SICAF Animatet Film Festival 2009, Seoul, Korea
- FEST 2009 - International F. F., Espinho, Portugal
- ARCIPELAGO 2009, Rom, Italy
- FESTIMAJ, France
- AnimaMundi, Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazil
- FEMINA International Women's Film Festival, Rio, Brazil
- Puchon International Fantastic F. F., PiFan, Puchon, Korea
- Plein la bobine Festival de cinema Jeunes Publics, France
- Mo&Friese KinderKurzFilmFestivals Hamburg, Germany
- Filmfest Dresden, Germany
- 38. Internationales Studentenfilmfestival Sehsuechte 2009
- AniFest, Trebor, Czech Republic
- MONSTRA Festival, Lisboa, Portugal
- Student Film Festival Early Melons, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
- Tricky women 2009, Austria
- Solothurn Film Festival 2009, Switzerland
- Stuttgarter Kinderfilmtage, Germany
- Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland
- Swiss TV - Kinderprogramm (sf2 trickbox - 29.08.09)
- Swiss Television (sf2 trickbox - 09.01.09)

me and my monster me and my monster